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Strategic Plan

In March 2014, animal welfare organizations operating in Surrey came together at a stakeholder forum to address the area's growing number of free-roaming community cats, which was just too many for any of the individual organizations to handle alone. 


In response, the Surrey Community Cat Coalition was formed in October 2014 to coordinate rescue and education efforts and develop a cohesive action plan to address the number of unwanted cats in Surrey and the underlying causes.


Participants at the stakeholder forum had also agreed that a strategic plan was needed to provide collective direction on how to move forward with the renewed energy of local animal rescue organizations coming together to form a coalition.


We are pleased to present our Strategic Plan for 2015 to 2019. It was developed based on the 2014 stakeholder forum, Coalition meetings, and current research in the animal welfare field. This strategic plan will shape our activities for the next five years.


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