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Feed a starving cat this holiday season

There are more than 2,000 stray cats living in Surrey, making home wherever they can find shelter. The Surrey Community Cat Foundation (SurreyCats) works tirelessly to rescue these cats and help find them loving homes, while also making sure they’re well fed. That’s where you can step in and help with your generous donations of food.

Where can I drop off food?

SurreyCats partners with many animal hospitals and pet supply stores in the Surrey area to collect cat food donations from the public. These locations accept donations all year.

For the month of December, we’re running a Holiday Food Drive with special prizes for you and your furry friend. Read on for details!

Where does the donated food go?

Depending on the amount of donations, the food is picked up once a week or once a month by three dedicated volunteers, with two more volunteers ready to help if a larger vehicle is needed. Our volunteers sort and deliver the food to Surrey Urban Mission (for those who have cats but can't afford to feed them), our recovery centre for rescued cats (our “centre” is actually a trailer acting as a temporary shelter on one of our volunteer’s property), and community volunteers who feed feral cat colonies in their neighbourhood.

SurreyCats also helps direct individuals in need of cat food to the best place for them to get it, depending on their location and needs.

How has SurreyCats been affected by COVID-19?

Our fundraising efforts have been greatly impacted, as we’re no longer able to host in-person events. With the social, face-to-face interactive nature of these events, they’re key to increasing awareness of the issues facing cats and kittens in Surrey and increasing donations from the public. We’re also seeing more individuals and families looking for help to feed their cats. By hosting a Holiday Food Drive, we’re hoping to collect enough donations to carry us through the winter season.

How can I make a difference this December?

For the month of December, you can drop off (or purchase directly from the store!) dry and wet cat food as well as cash donations in exchange for a raffle ticket to win an amazing gift basket or handcrafted prize at the following locations in Surrey:

  • Clayton Critters - 6820 188 Street

  • Mother Hubbards - 1812 152 Street

  • Newmac Animal Feeds - 17967 56 Avenue

  • Pet Solutions - Dell Shopping Mall, 10602 King George Blvd

Any donation big or small and recently expired food and/or bags that have been opened are always accepted (hungry cats will never say no to free food!). We sincerely thank you for your donations.

Together, we can make a huge difference in our community.

How can local businesses help?

We’re always looking for more stores and clinics to be a SurreyCats Food Bank drop off site, so if your business is interested, please email us at Thank you!


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