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Feed a hungry cat on Global Cat Day

October 16 is Global Cat Day (formerly Feral Cat Day), which celebrates all cats and the people who protect them by advocating for humane policies, adopting or fostering, and carrying out no-kill population management, such as trap-neuter-return (TNR).

It’s also the purrfect day to educate others about the work that organizations like SurreyCats and our partners do to save the lives of cats while preventing future generations.

One of the ways we help cats in need is by collecting donations of cat food from generous members of the public, so we're holding a food drive for Global Cat Day.

Global Cat Day Food Drive

October 17-24

We hope you can help us feed hungry kitties. Donations of canned and dry cat food can be purchased and/or dropped off at three of our retail partners:

  • Clayton Critters (6820 188 Street)

  • Mother Hubbard’s Pet Food (1812 152 Street)

  • Newmac Animal Feeds (17967 56 Avenue)

Thanks for your continued support!


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