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Public’s help needed to feed starving cats in Surrey

There are more hungry cats in Surrey than ever, and not everyone can afford to buy food for the cats they care for.

The Surrey Community Cat Coalition has partnered with the Surrey Urban Mission, Sources South Surrey Food Bank, and many veterinarians and pet supply stores in the Surrey area to provide cat food to residents in Surrey who need help feeding their cats as well as stray and homeless cats.

But food donations have been low during the hot summer and especially since the recent rain storms. The Coalition is asking for pet owners and the general public to donate food as soon as possible.

It’s easy for the public to help!

Visit any of the food collection locations on our Donate Food page. Purchase canned or bagged cat food and drop them off in the collection box.

If you are a pet owner and visit any of the stores regularly, purchase some extra cat food each time you go, and drop it off in the collection box.

The donated cat food goes to help the cat owners in our community who earn low or no incomes, so they can spend what little money they do have on essential care for themselves. The food also helps residents caring for stray and feral community cats.

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